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Tapal Family Mixture Tea 95gm Price in Pakistan

Tapal is the first tea company. They pick fresh tea leaves from tea bushes and blend them into grains that give taste and aroma to your tea. The family mixture is the choice of the homemaker who is looking for good value for money in her tea brand. The Tapal family mixture gives a pure taste to your tea and relaxes your mind. Moreover, the best thing about the Tapal family mixture is that it allows for spending quality time with family. The Tapal family mixture 95gm price in Pakistan is affordable. The rashanwalaa.pk sells Tapal family mixture at a reasonable price. Tapal family mixture 95gm buys online from rashanwalaa.pk.

95 Grams Tapal Family Mixture Tea Features:

  • 95 Gm Tapal family mixture.
  • Freshly prepared from tea leaves.


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