Sensodyne Rapid Action Tooth Paste – 70gm


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Sensodyne Rapid Action Toothpaste 70gm Price in Pakistan

Bleeding from gums, losing a tooth, and occurring awful smell, are indications of serious problems; in the oral cavity. To overcome this problem: Sensodyne rapid action toothpaste has been made! The Sensodyne has the power to stop the bleeding of gums. It gives strength to the gums to hold the tooth strongly. One of the best things about Sensodyne is removing the sensitivity from teeth. Whether you eat or drink hot or cold edible items, the sensitivity of a tooth never disturbs you. sells Sensodyne rapid action toothpaste 70gm at a low price. Sensodyne Rapid Action toothpaste 70gm buy online from

70 Grams Sensodyne Rapid Action Toothpaste Features:

  • Sensodyne rapid action toothpaste.
  • 70gm toothpaste.
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