Dentonic Tooth Powder – 100gm


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Dentonic Toothpaste Powder 100gm Price in Pakistan

Dentonic is a well-known brand related to dental caries. The dentonic tooth powder is beneficial for tooth problems. Apply a little powder to the affected tooth or gum. After 5-10 minutes, the toothaches will remove. The dentonic powder has a high formula that helps to kill the germs or bacteria present in the mouth. It has a minty taste that cleans your breath & regular use of dentonic tooth powder also whitens your teeth. The sells dentonic tooth powder 100gm at a low price. So, dentonic tooth powder 100gm buys online from

100 Grams Dentonic Toothpaste Powder  Features:

  • Tooth powder.
  • 100gm powder.
  • Whiten your teeth.


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