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1121 Basmati Rice 1 KG Price in Pakistan

It feels good to inform you that sells and delivers Extra large basmati rice 1121 in KG packs to your home and other location. Most Asian countries love to eat rice dishes. The 1121 basmati rice is the best of all species of rice. The basmati rice has a different taste than other rice and advances the presentation of your dish. It is hard to find basmati rice in a local market at a low price. The 1121 1 Kg basmati rice price in Pakistan is affordable. The sells 1 Kg of basmati rice at a low price. So buy basmati rice online from

1 Kg 1121 Basmati Rice Features:

  • Fresh grow basmati rice.
  • Rich in carbohydrates.
  • Advanced the taste of a dish.


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