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Alu Bukhara Irani 100gm Price in Pakistan

It feels great to inform you that sells and delivers Alu Bukhara and other whole spices ingredients which give taste to your food to your home and a given location. Allo Bukhara is an ingredient of whole spice. Allo Bukhara is mostly added to biryani and other rice dishes. Allo Bukhara is also used to make sauces. It is beneficial for your health because it lowers the cholesterol level, helps in digestion & improves the blood circulation of your body. The sells freshly prepared allo Bukhara at a low price. Get 100gm allo Bukhara buy online in Pakistan from

Irani Alu Bukhara 100 Grams Features:

  • 100gm allo Bukhara.
  • Freshly prepared.
  • Beneficial for health.


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